If you have been following me for a while, you know that I have superrrr dry skin. LIKE. REALLY. DRY. SKIN. If I don’t follow through with my daily skincare routine, I wake up to insanely dry, flaky skin. As a beauty blogger, I get to try a ton of skincare products and these 5 products definitely stand out above the rest to help combat my dry skin. These products are super hydrating, moisturizing and nourishing on the skin and I promise, if you have dry skin – you will LOVE these! 1) Bliss Micro Magic
It is so important to use a face scrub to get rid of dead skin but I always found face scrubs to over dry my skin until I started to use the Bliss Micro Magic. It is such an amazing creamy formula that nourish the skin, while remove all the dead skin!

2) Garnier Gentle Cleanser
I always struggled to find face cleansers that would deep clean my skin without leaving it super dry. I instantly fell in love with the New Garnier Sulfate Free cleanser because not only does it deep clean my skin/removes makeup but it also leaves my skin super hydrated and soft.

3) Loreal Hydra Genius
I am obsessed with face creams! From high end to drugstore, I am constantly trying out new face creams in the hopes that I will find one that will provide my skin with the ultimate hydration and the new Hydra Genius cream from Loreal does that so well! It is super duper thick in consistently and the tiniest bit of product will provide you will all day moisture.

4) Fresh Vitamin Nectar Face Mask
I also have a huge obsession with face masks… especially those that give me plump, hydrated, soft skin! The Fresh Vitamin Nectar mask is amazing because not only does it leave you with super healthy, glowing skin… it also feels like you are applying bits of fruit all over your skin!
5) Kiehls Midnight Recovery Concentrate
I have been using the Kiehls Midnight recovery after hearing such amazing things about it and have to agree that it is all true! This little magical Elixir helps to recover the skin over night and I literally wake up in the morning with radiant, plump skin!

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  1. Nidhal Sinha

    Being a DIYer, I thought it’d be a compilation of DIY products or ones that are certified organic. My bad 😂
    That aside, I must say your blog looks elegant and user-friendly, Arshia. As a suggestion, if you could either fill your bio + add your picture in the author box or completely remove it, it’d look even better. At the moment, it’s empty and showing which looks irritating. Please don’t take it negatively.


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