Kiehl’s recently invited me to explore NYC and visit parts that I have never been to before. Since Kiehl’s was born in Manhattan (in 1851!!!!), it only made sense for us to see the city through their eyes. We visited the beautiful Botanical Gardens, the Kiehl’s flagship store (which is insanely stunning, btw), Rockefeller Center and more! We even got to see the city from above, which was the coolest 15 minutes of my life! If you are visiting NYC, I highly recommend the helicopter ride! We also got to experience the unveiling of ‘The Seated Ballerina’ by Jeff Koons (up at Rockefeller Center till 6/2)  as he recently collaborated with Kiehl’s to support the International Centre for Missing and Exploited Children  (ICMEC) charity. Kiehl’s donated $100,000 of all net profits from the Midnight Recovery collection to ICMEC at the Saks party, which was the perfect way to end the weekend!

I am so honored to spend a few days with the amazing Kiehl’s team and learn so much more about their products. I have been using the Midnight Recovery concentrate serum every night for the past few months and my skin LOVES it so much! I am also SUPER excited because Kiehl’s was kind enough to give me an extra set of their entire Midnight Recovery collection to giveaway to one of YOU! 

One lucky winner will receive the Mightnight Recovery Cleansing oil, concentrate, eye cream and the Ultra Facial cream. The giveaway is international and will end on 6/8/17.

Winner is: ZIGNA PATEL! Please keep an out in your email inbox as you will be receiving an email from me ( to claim your prize!! xo

Thanks so much to everyone for entering!! More giveaways coming SOON!



  1. You have such good taste in make up and the best part is your recommendations are extremely helpful to me because I am of the same skin complexion! ❤️

  2. Lovee your site.. love your clothes.. just love all the content you put out. Thnx for this beautiful giveaway. Been wanting to try kiehls products since long!

  3. Marisela Bennett

    Thanks for the chance I’ve always wanted to try Kiehls.

  4. Oh wow.. midnight recovery concentrate is on the top of my wishlist but never got one coz of the price point. After moving from India to the US my skin has been breaking out like crazy and left ugly scars and I have been told by my friends that kiehls serum works like magic. Keeping my fingers crossed. Thanks for this giveaway.
    Name- Megha mohan

  5. Really like you and your reviews please stay the way you are i have seen so many youtubers who changed because brands starts to give them money please be honest with your subscriber i really trust you and get everything you review

  6. Thanks for the opportunity Arshia! Love your YouTube channel and appreciate your recommendations for tan and warm skin tones ✨ Btw, loved to see you in the MakeupForever campaign ✨👏🏼💕 beautiful! 💖

  7. I love New York city.. all of the photos are mesmerizing Arshia. I always wanted to try kiehl’s skincare as it is one of the best as suggested by many people. I hope I can pamper my dry skin with kiehl’s product in future 🙂
    Name : Swati Arora
    Facebook :
    email :

    PS: loved your favorites video 🙂

  8. This excites me!Your the first beauty blogger I have ever started to follow and never have failed to watch your videos whenever you come up with a new one .I sumhow feel connected and comfortable with you ,seriously don’t know why though 😊

  9. Puneet Modgil

    Hey Arshia….. I’m a big admirer of urs from so long n i ve been following you on facebook from a while now…. U r a bid inspiration for me n m so proud of u❤️
    Loads of luv
    Puneet Modgil😊

  10. Amazing giveaway! Thanks for being so kind and generous to your subscribers. Going to keep my fingers crossed:)

  11. Melissa Fykes

    I loved your May Favs! The Buxon lippie and Estee Lauder cushion foundation looks so intriguing! I’ve recently had a child in the last 2 years and I’ve been experiencing postpartum still. Meditation is definitely something I need right now! I love when you include your random faves too! Thanks for an awesome giveaway! Good luck to everyone!

    Melissa Fykes

  12. Hi,
    I love your channel and started following you as I am new to make up and you are close to my skin tone. Your videos really help me understand make up better 😊.

    I would really be happy if I get a chance to try these products from Kiehl’s.

  13. Love love your video tutorials! I love your eye make up even more. Its a great help for us girls! And has made our life more easy! Love ya! ❤️

  14. I really wanted to try Kiehls, I have heard so many good things about these products.

  15. Oh my gosh I love Kiehl’s!! (And new York! I’d love to visit someday 😍). You’re honestly one of the BEST Indian mua on YouTube !! I’m so glad I found you, cause your skin tone is quite close to mine, so I cannot go wrong with your choice of makeup 💖💖. Keep making great videos 💖💖.
    (Thank the lord for international giveaways!!)
    Name: Varnikaa
    Facebook link:
    Fingers crossed 🤞

  16. your makeup and skincare videos are so inspirational and give great advice for brown girls to find colors and trends that suit our skin tone well! thank you

  17. Monisha Rakesh

    Every time I want suggestions on anything for my skin tone I head over to your YouTube and search for it… love your videos… keep doing the awesome job… xoxox

  18. Sangeeta Dora

    Thanks Arshia for the beautiful giveaway Love your makeup tutorials.Apreciating all ure honest reviews and recommendations..Thanks again.
    Name:Sangeeta Dora

  19. Hi Arshia! I am so glad I came across your channel. Your videos are everything! That day at Sephora I saw your face above the makeup forever isle and got excited! Haha. Always wanted to try kiehls products. 🙂

  20. Followed you because you have dry skin and the same complexion lol. It is so hard to find that, plus you mix high end and drugstore options!

  21. Love u so much😍 i’m a big fan of u❤️love ur instagram account and ur youtube account so much💕 stay as u are because ur amazing.
    in love mathura❤️

  22. Hi Arshia huge fan. The ride looks amazing! F b name is missy smith ! What is your favorite acne scarring treatment.

  23. Hi , Arshia I freaking love you and your vlogs and blogs .
    I’ve entered you instagram giveaways before but didn’t win .
    I discovered you when I was on a lookout for a good review on “Loreal infalliable pro matte Foundation” and came across your review on it and loved every second of that video you were so honest and straight forward about it .
    That’s when I started seeing your videos and reading your blogs and following your instagram ……
    Thanks for being the awesome person you are.
    And our mutual love for our girl Priyanka Chopra is cherry on top …lol ❤

    Really looking forward to this giveaway (fingers crossed)

    Name:- Usama Khan
    Email :-
    Facebook link :-

  24. “No beauty shines brighter than that of a good heart.”
    Please continue to share your journey with us for you are an inspiration to many.

  25. Love love love your videos! Your looks are so easy to recreate and it’s so relatable because your skin tone is very close to mine 🙂
    Sending you lots of love and kisses all the way from India :* :*

  26. Shivangi Mittal

    Came across your channel a few days ago. I’m sure I’m going to love your videos because you have the skin colour and undertone like me. So it’s much easier to buy the products you’ve picked and tried. And also following your tutorials.

  27. Ohhh my god u look so amazing

    I just dont know what to say
    U r like my inspiration i just want to like uh

    Your makeup skills just bang on

    Also fingers crossed for giveway
    I really want this

    Hope for the best 🙈

  28. Hi ashia
    I love your review so much

    Participated in giveaway
    Hope to win this time 😍

  29. Saira Rab

    Hey, I am your subscriber and I love your videos. I would like to try out those products because lately my skin has been problematic.

  30. Hii, i realy lyk the content of all ur videos, the reviews r jz honest, i strtd following u coz i hav same skine color As urs, when i strtd watching ua video.. frlt so close toheart!!!

  31. So happy for you that you get to visit these places and meet these incredible people! I’ve only ever tried one Kiehls product before and it was just their lip balm (which btw is incredible!!!). I can’t wait to try out their other products as well 🙂 I’ve been following you for almost 2 years, your videos introduced me to the make up world and it’s been your videos that have kept me going through the toughest times in life. You are truly a great inspiration and I want to thank you for that!

    Name: Ramsha Ibrahim

    Lots of love,

  32. Hey Arshia, always been a huge huge fan of you. watched all your videos and recently reading your blog posts. I love your dress, it compliments you so well. I tried so many products you recommended and some really worked wonders for me. Thank you for all the hardwork you put in to do help someone like me.

  33. Pullave Salaria

    I’ve been following you on youtube for awhile! It’s nice to have someone who is the same skin tone as you and deals with the same issues ( post acne hyperpigmentation). It also helps alot when it comes to picking the right lip colours. Also, your style is admirable! I’ve never tried kiehls and honestly would like the chance too. Thanks for the chance 🙂

    Name: Pullave Salaria

  34. Hafsah Talha

    Congratulations for what you have achieved so far. Truly inspiring and helpful to see your videos. As there aren’t many *brown* skin you tubers so you really are a savior for all of us. Good luck and best wishes.

  35. Thank you for offering such a great giveaway! 🙂

  36. I only follow a handful of you tubers… you being one of them but i have to be honest… off late kobe has stolen the limelight for me. As a big pet lover It makes my day to see his posts and videos on instagram. Do upload more pics and videos of him regularly.

  37. thank you for the great post. Liked and following you!

  38. Patricia Torres

    Your videos have been very helpful. I have the same skin tone and always go to your videos when I’m looking for any lipsticks or anything makeup in your skin tone. Thanks!

  39. U r my all time favourite … i have been following u since 4 yrs now and have to admit that i cant get enough of u ..keep slaying… love u loads…


  40. Sarah Ahmad

    What a lovely giveaway. Love your youtube posts as well as your Insta.

  41. You are one of the first YouTuber/ MUA I watched and learnt makeup from. Your tutorials where so informative, I learnt a lot from you! You and I share the same skin tone. So if I still need any help I watch your videos. ❤️ I am not a makeup artist but I can do makeup like MUA. All thanks to people like you! I would really love to try kiehl’s skincare products! Thank you ❤️

  42. I m sorry, as much as I’d LOVE to be entered, I’m not sure how or where to get my facebook link. 🙁 not very app savvy.

  43. OMG…OMG..worth a wait❤ I’ve always wanted to by the midnight recovery product..Just getting into skin care and thought of well..getting the best..from the BEST❤
    P.s: love your tutorials❤ probably the only one I follow 😅❤truly your tutorials have helped a lot..In makeup as well as skin care and your reviews❤ best part reviews totally helps alot.
    #ArshiaGiveaway #Fingerscrossed #Kielh’gIveaway #Kielh’s #skincare
    Facebook profile:

  44. I love your makeup tutorial . And it’s just amazing . . ❤️

  45. Hey Arshia, I love all your videos. I was not very much into makeup, your videos make me try a few products. Love love your home remedies and your style. I learnt a lot of stuff from you( like got to know about many stores, many products). Cheers

  46. Hello mam,
    This is your fan from Delhi. I love watching your DIY & review videos. I ve included the apple cider vinegar toner in my CTM routine ever since i have seen that on your youtube channel. I really love it. I would love to win this giveaway as i ve always wanted to try Kiehl’s. Wish to get lucky. 😊

  47. Meryam Ahmad

    I’ve been following you on YouTube for over two years now and I’m so glad I find you. I love your honest recommendations and you have been a huge save when it comes to picking products that match Indian skin tones. I’ve always wanted to try Kiel’s products, fingers crossed, so thank you for the amazing giveaway. Good luck to all you gals!


    IG: meryamahmad2


  48. Arshia I’m such a big fan! There are very few bloggers that match my skin tone (no kidding, we are the same MUFE shade). And I love the mini mask tutorials that look as pleasing to the eye as they are to the skin. Next visit to the USA, I am definitely doing the helicopter ride.
    P.s hoping to win this for my mom. Although I might steal a goodie or two too. 😀

  49. Love your videos and your honest reviews on products! Lets your fans know whats actually worth the money. ❤

  50. Arshia! I started following you a year ago or so and I have to say your tutorials and makeup looks have inspired me to do makeup. I am somewhat of the same skin tone as you so it’s really nice to have someone to look at for inspiration with new makeup looks.

  51. You always look gorgeous! I’ve never tried Kiehl’s products so I am excited to see if it works well with my skin tone. 👍🏽

  52. Hey arshia m ur fan from india..i have been watching ur videos from ages now..i have sent u so many comments but u never replied😔😔😔…anywazz no prblm i can understand as u have so much fan following..u cant answer each n everyone..but srsly luv ur videos..u exactly luk like priyanka chopra..personally i like u more dan her hahaha😀😀😀..i luvd ur video on dat gelatin mask…n apple cider vinegar n there r many more…i didnt knw u were on facebook..i dont use facebook much but i luv insta n youtube n there m subscribed to u ..luv u…n here’s my fb link

  53. Hello Arshia! First of all, lemme just say you are gorgeous woman! You are such an inspiration in a industry that’s tough to rise in! Most of all, I love that you’re a brown woman and you are confident in everything you do. I used to be so uncertain in buying makeup because I would want to try all these new products but most of the time I’d end up looking streaky and blotchy. Randomly came across your page one day and I knew I had to follow the moment I saw your first post. It also makes me so proud to that you are part of the makeupforver campaign! You go girl. Keep on rocking Arshia!

    Mounica Gooty

    P.s. I’m super excited to try these products. Thank you for the opportunity!

  54. What an amazing blog post! Thanks for letting us see what you saw and experienced in this blog! Beautiful shots! I would love to see New York in a helicopter!

  55. Never have I been a fan of watching makeup tutorials but my sister has been praising you so I thought I’d give it a shot. Best desion I’ve made! I’ve binged watched your videos like shows on Netflix, I love your style!

  56. I am a brown skinned 22 year old suffering from old acne marks and discoloration. As a uni student I’m on a budget and can’t afford to splurge on expensive skin care. I absolutely love you and love your videos! It would be a dream to receive these products and pamper my skin and boost my self confidence!

  57. Midnight recovery oil works wonders! Definitely would love to get my hands on one of those

  58. Absolutely love your posts and tips! Being a brown, Bengali girl myself (from BD) all your suggested products really helps me out in picking the right one for myself.
    Hope to win thi’s giveaway!
    All the best for your future endeavour!

  59. Hey Arshia! Lovely makeups, tutorials and review of all your products. Love your fashion sense as well. Keep up the amazing work and hope to see more from you. I love Kobeeee too. 💗 Lotsa love from Malaysia.
    Ps: Been joining all your giveaways but haven’t win one yet. Keeping my fingers crossed.

    Pathmawwaty Pentaiah

  60. I have been wanting to try kiehls products from so long 😃 That’s a lovely give away ☺️

  61. Pragya pant

    Hey beautiful, thank you for the wonderful giveaway i really like your blogs and love your fashion tips, you are gorgeous and always motivates me ❤️ Lots of love for you
    Truly a huge fan of yours
    Name-pragya pant
    Fb link-

  62. Love your reviews .. it’s so nice if you to have this giveaway .. always wanted to try Kiehl products ..

    Fb link -

  63. I love that you are very confident about being a “brown” woman. Growing up I didn’t have anyone to look up to to learn about make up. You’re videos are great especially for beginners. I’m glad you’re doing this giveaway because I’ve been dying to try the midnight recovery! Love you – don’t ever change❤️!
    Facebook – shivaani cinnamon (

  64. i want to buy kiehls they are expensive but when we go to store they gave samples and they are amazing so i bought facial cream its aweaomw i am abouy to finish love u arshia

  65. I love Kiehls everything, especially the midnight recovery oil. Smells amazing! Thanks for setting up this giveaway!

  66. I absolutely love your blush and lipstick collection, your blogs and YouTube videos really helped me to get my makeup shit together. Also your wardrobe is amazing!

  67. I got your blog by accident but I’m so glad I did! Your tutorials are fantastic and they are so easy to follow! If anything, you’ve inspired me to open my own blog soon! Thanks 🙂

  68. Kielh’s is my Fav brand right now. Ive been using their products for some time now. And it’s simply my favourite skincare product.

  69. Thank you for the giveaway, I have been subscribed to your YT channel and followed you on Instagram from quite some time now and I love loveeeeeeeeeee your videos. It’s so great having someone who makes makeup videos with the same skin tone/ ethnic background as me as there isn’t many. Just wanted to let you know and I thought this is the perfect opportunity. Thank you love ❤️
    Name: Jeev Dhillon

  70. Keeping my fingers crossed to win this great giveaway. Thanks for the opportunity.

  71. Hey Arshia 🙂
    Me and my skin got so excited when I saw this give away! I’ve been dealing with skin issues like dermatitis and eczema all my life and always trying out new things to help my skin improve and get better. I’d love to see if Khiels works for me. Keep up your good work! 🙂

  72. Greetings from Malaysia!
    Ive been following you on instagram for sometime now. I remember knowing you through my friend who used to make us facemasks inspired by you whenever we have a sleepover together! Kinda googled who were you after that and been following you on YouTube and instagram ever since.Thank you so much and keep the awesome videos and post coming. #KEEPSLAYING!


  73. Hello Arshia, I’d just like to say it’s really amazing having a women of colour like you to look up to. I’ve always had really problematic skin and being a university student exams and assignments tend to have a terrible effect on my skin and your recommendations have helped me so much. I used to try and hide my flaws by covering it up with make up but you make me realise it’s actually important to have a good skin and take care of it, so I’d like to thank you for that. But anyway, I love your videos and you’re so great, keep inspiring people x

  74. Sheikh Ahmed

    I love your blog and your makeup looks & tips! You’ve really helped me find products that work for my brown skin! I’ve always wanted to try Kiehl’s! My skin has been super dry lately for some reason and I usually have oily skin!

  75. Hi Arshia!

    I am such a huge fan of your videos, I have told so many people to follow you and they love you too!! I absolutely love how you make videos for so many things and you’re just so fun with it. Hope to see more videos of pretty Indian outfit eye looks with all of the summer weddings I need to attend haha. I love NYC, I hope you had a blast!!!

    Zigna Patel


  76. Cloda Alicia Jones

    Hi!! I’m new to your YouTube and just went to Facebook to check you out there. I love the colors you choose because we are the same hue. Looking forward to more videos. Chloe Kumar

  77. Love to see your really helps to learn not only makeup but also the tipss and have a very good knowledge about beaty care and you are always active to give the best to us.thank you of luck…..💜💜💜

  78. Love watching your videos because you are complelty honest with your reviews and have the same skin tone and skin type as me. Thank you for putting together this amazing giveaway!

  79. I’ve always been wanting to try Kiehl’s because of my friends bragging about it and all I know it’s quite expensive. But but but, it doesn’t matter really if it’s an amazing over the top product. Most beautiful things in life comes with a price. So maybe if I win this inshallah I can use it and if I love it, I’ll not stop buying it. Teehee
    P.S : I created Fb just for the sake of it so you don’t have idea that it’s a fake account or something. Lel.

    Name: Bee Bee Zainab
    Fb Link:

  80. Hi! As a follower on Instagram – your posts are a perfect blend of all things I look forward to – makeup, outfits and dogs! So glad I saw a tutorial by you on my explore page! x Anushka

  81. Laxmi Aryal

    This is so cool!! I’ve never been but I’ve always wanted to, I’m so jealous. I’m canadian but I’d love to hang out in new york city. It’d be so crazy and different!
    Name: Laxmi Aryal
    Facebook profile link:

    Thank you for this opportunity !

  82. Riya Macwan

    Hi Arshia!
    I love watching your youtube videos and can always relate to them, as I also have dry skin. Your videos help me to decide which products will work best for my skin. Kiehl’s is a brand I’ve always wanted to try but never got to purchase their products because of their price. Keep making your amazing and helpful videos!!

    Riya Macwan

  83. I fell in LOVE with orange lipsticks after your previous post about them being your summer lipsticks! I didn’t know if I could pull it off as great as you do, but I decided to risk it and buy one. Colourpop’s Mama was the answer to my orange lipstick prayers! One of my staple lipsticks now! Thank you and keep up the amazing work 🙂

  84. Christa Alexander

    I love how you are so helpful in finding products that work for people of color and Olive/Indian skin tones! Ever since I watched your channel, I’ve totally changed the way I do my makeup. For example, your helpful tip on just using a eyeshadow primer that neutralizes the eye to get rid of discoloration helped my eyeshadow game so much! Now the pigments come out even more bold!

  85. Love to see your videos on youtube.always follows your recommendation because I have the same complexion as yours.. n this blog is so beautiful. Email id-

  86. I absolutely love your posts and think you are amazing ♥️ I have always wanted to try Kiehls products and have heard so many positive things! 🙌🏻

  87. You are amazing and absolutely beautiful ! Glad you had such an amazing time in New York ! Thank you for doing such an amazing giveaway

  88. Hey, love your uploads! ❤️ Never change for anyone & keep the videos & blogs coming. Can’t wait to see more…

    Neetu x

  89. I absolutely adore all your tips and tricks and blogs!
    And I love Kiehl’s range of products! Hope to get my hands on them 😍😍😍 xx

  90. Hi arshia
    I’ve been following you since you used to post by the bame A:)
    Love your videos.
    My wedding makeup haul was all your recommendations. Since i have same skin tone and undertone as you + dry skin. It has been really easy for me as i dont have to struggle to fond my holy grails!
    Love and luck!🍀


  91. Love your blog and youtube channel. Beautiful pictures of NYC.

  92. I am not sure how to put the facebook link!🙈 But i love all your posts and literally buy almost all the products you suggest. Thank you for having awesome giveaways!!

  93. As a WOC who finds it hard to select complimentary shades for all types of makeup, I really appreciate the time and effort you take to help us women out. This partnership with Kiehl’s is amazing, and I wish you only bigger and better opportunities moving forward. Thanks for the giveaway!

  94. Amy Mehta

    Hi Arshia! I love the red/black dress you are wearing in the picture!! Where is it from??


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