dsc01845dsc01835 dsc01839beauty-sponge-before-and-afterI love beauty sponges… especially my Beauty Blender! It applies your makeup beautifully and gives your face a flawless application. Because I use my beauty sponges on a daily basis, I like to clean them multiple times a week to ensure there is no bacteria build up, which can cause breakouts. One of my favorite ways to deep clean my beauty sponges is to use a combination of olive oil and dish soap. I know the mix sounds crazy, but trust me… it works wonders and leaves your sponges squeaky clean, while disinfecting them (thanks to the dish soap). The olive oil helps to break down the makeup buildup in the beauty sponge and helps to get rid of any stubborn stains. If you guys are looking for an amazing way to clean your beauty sponge, I highly recommend a mix of these two ingredients… trust me you will not be disappointed!

Check out my step by step video to create your DIY Beauty Blender/Sponge cleanser

Beauty sponges shown above
Diamond: Real Techniques
Nude: Beauty Blender
Pink: Real Techniques



  1. I tried this last night – love it. My BB is so clean again! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Nadira Narain

    How do you make sure your bb never gets mold? I clean it and I zap it in the microwave every once in a while but it still got mold 🙁 Maybe you just clean yours more often?

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