I always heard the amazing benefits of using Tea Tree Oil on your skin, but I didn’t get to experience just how awesome this oil actually is until recently… and I have to say, I am in LOVE!

Part of my job is to test out new products on a daily basis and recently I tested out a new skincare product that just did not sit well for my skin at all. I woke up with breakouts on my forehead and the sides on my face (my usual breakout spots). I was looking online for quick, easy remedies to get rid of pimples overnight and kept coming across using Tea Tree Oil as a spot treatment. So, I decided to go and pick up a small bottle of this wonder oil and test it out as a spot treatment.

Tea Tree oil has anti-septic and anti-fungal properties which helps to heal breakouts…fast! It also helps to disinfect pores and gently dries out pimples. Please remember to only use 100% pure Tea Tree oil.

There are multiple ways you can use Tea Tree oil, depending on your skin type. I have very dry skin (but not sensitive), so I added 2-3 drops on a small cotton ball and applied the cotton directly on my breakouts. I left the cotton bits on my skin for 20 minutes and then washed my face. If you have sensitive skin, I recommend diluting the oil with water or Aloe Vera gel.

I woke up the next day and my pimples had gone down significantly. I repeated the same thing and my pimples were gone towards the middle of the day! I am so impressed with how well Tea Tree oil works as a natural spot treatment and highly recommend this to anyone who is looking to get rid of pimples quickly and effectively.

Watch my mini Insta-tutorial featuring the tea tree oil here:

I have always heard a lot of buzz about the benefits of tea tree oil for your skin, but never really tried it out for myself…until recently! I had a few breakouts and using tea tree oil as a spot treatment cleared up my skin (almost) overnight (2 days and my pimples were gone!). I know the ‘before’ shots are hard to see, but that is because this was my 2nd day using the tea tree oil, and it worked so well the first night! 🌿TEA TREE oil has antiseptic & anti-fungal properties. It disinfects pores, and gently dries out pimples. It also helps to remove dead skin cells. 🌿TO USE: Simply add 3-4 drops of 100% pure tea tree oil on small cotton bits and apply on top of your breakout. Leave on for 20 minutes and wash face as normal. Your pimples should be gone in a day or 2! If you have extra sensitive skin, I recommend diluting the oil with aloe Vera or water. 🌿CAUTION: Please always remember to do a patch test before apply anything on your face! This is extremely important for any remedy that you see online as everyone’s skin is different and will react to products differently! 🌸

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Disclaimer: Please remember to do a small patch test on your skin before applying on your face.


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  1. I have acne prone skin. I’ve been using tea tree oil and I have seen a lot of improvement! I use this at night on infected area and the next morning the pimple shrinks and disappears.

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