1. Hey i saw your cideo about wedding invites. I think you use of the following! I DONT live in mumbai but i can help u out coz Im planning a WEDDING TOO πŸ™‚

    *check out on Pinterest – coz wedding bloggers re upcoming in India and Mumbai is THE destination. I will surely mail you some awesome Pinners and Pin boards i knw.
    *check out indian wedding blogs – WedmeGood, thedelhibride, peachesandblush. Yu can chck out the recommendations frm the site.
    *thr is blog called The girl used to live in mumbai and she did a few posts on her wedding prep. So tat cud be helpful.

    PS: im nt related to ANY of these blogs. Yu can have a look at them. Coz tats wat i do. Read the blog post, read the comments! Based on the comments/reviews i move forward..


    I saw your video of applying amla powder with coconut oil for hair growth.. I wanted to try it but needed to know is it safe to use this for color treated hair as i have colored my hair recently.. Pl leme knoe

  3. Hi pretty
    Hope u r doing great. I am really confused about finding a perfect concealer. Currently I am using maybelline medium shade and la girl pure beige. Want to purchase another confused between maybelline age rewind and collection perfection.pls suggest me which one should I go with.and grateful if u can mention the shade also .
    Another help is pls suggest me a good loose powder from low budget.collection or NYC or any good one u suggest.

  4. Sabrina rajpaul

    Hi can you do a tutorial on the dose of colors pallete. I really want to try it since I have almost the same skint one as you do.

  5. Hi, Really appreciate you work and hard work.Please upload a video of how you did creating a blog, who helps with photos, camera you use, and how you got makeup forever campaign.That will be really inspiring, thanks.

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